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With a vision to encouraging students’ participation in democratic processes within the campus, a Students’ Council has been constituted in the school. The aims and objectives of the Student Council are:



Computer Classes

Robotics Laboratory

The Robotics and 3D Printing Lab represents a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering innovation and hands-on learning opportunities for our students. The potential and creativity of the students are unleashed as they explore the various facets of the lab and learn to create 3D models by themselves. This new age, one-of-a-kind technology is especially available in our school for young aspirants to seek, learn and create.

Science Laboratories


Back up equipment to support lessons taught in class are available for demonstration and use by teachers and students.

A Nature Corner encourages students to appreciate the importance of environmental concerns. Audio Visual Content to supplement portions taught in class keep the students actively interested in the class.
Each child is encouraged to contribute during the demonstration, allowing for hands on participation by them.

This method yields immediate results as children enjoy the challenge of the interaction which takes in an exciting atmosphere!


Our Math’s Lab is a place where the ‘mental blocks’ associated with the fear of numbers translates into ‘mental rocks’.

This rock solid foundation is achieved by gradually instilling a love for Mathematics through the clever use of fun apparatus. Creativity is encouraged while children are guided towards innovative use of the equipment provided to them.

Clearly, the Ramanujam’s would be proud at this practical growth in scientific education of what they had left for posterity.

Computer Classes


Our state-of-the-art Computer laboratory ensures that every child in Bihani Academy goes the e-litera way with access to the latest e-technology.

Students are not only taught Computer Applications and Computer Architecture here on interactive white boards, but are encouraged to use the computers during their free time under proper supervision. The school maintains an archive of educational software prepared exclusively for students of Bihani Academy that are used for demonstrating various lessons taught in the classroom. Needless to say, the Computer lab is a favorite with all our students starting from Class 1!

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