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Co-curricular Activities at Bihani Academy


While the fact that every child is unique is well known, sadly it has not found its application in education. We still follow the age old pedagogical approach of teaching down the student in a set 'chalk and talk' format. At Bihani Academy, we aim translate (Replace as Bihani Academy,translates) our belief that every one of our students' is unique into a pedagogy that adopts the child's personal learning style.

Understanding is different from knowledge. While knowledge relies on memory, understanding relies on conceptual clarity. Our current education system only nurtures rote learning and testing. Students cover syllabus but do not necessarily get the conceptual understanding required for application. Bihani Academy aims to apply the belief 'there is something BEYOND ACADEMICS and this is called.......REAL UNDERSTANDING'.

Real understanding by every child requires an integrated approach. Enumerated in Bihani Academy's Vision and re-iterated here, a school is a micro system where different factors have a direct effect on the child. The teachers, the curriculum, examinations, the environment, the infrastructure, the activities - all come together to nurture the unique potential of the child.

Some of us misinterpret 'new-age schooling' with greater infrastructure or technology enabled education. While we have ready access to all of these amenities, we also believe that these are only parts of a bigger whole. At Bihani Academy, we follow an integrated model of 'Learner Centric Education' where the CHILD is at the centre of everything we do. Our education isn't just about academics - it is so much more - its 'beyond academics'.

Our extra-curricular and co-curricular programs are designed to nurture the unique skills and talents of each child. From dramatics to debates, arts to music, sports to yoga and martial arts, Bihani Academy takes care of all aspects of a child's development.

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Swimming pool at Bihani Academy
Swimming pool at Bihani Academy
Swimming pool at Bihani Academy
Swimming pool at Bihani Academy

Swimming Classes

A facility that not only is a healthy recreation which students enjoy to their heart's content, but also one that develops an essential life skill which everyone must adopt. It has proven to be both physically and mentally healthy for children and enhances emotional well-being along with improving their strength and flexibility.
Swimming classes are held weekly for all classes from I to XII separately for boys and girls by expert coaches with utmost care.

Art & Craft by Bihani Academy Students

Art & Craft

A weekly indulgence which the children look forward to with much joy! Creation of beautiful objects not only soothes the mind but instills a love for self expression in various ways.
Pottery, masks, embroidery, fabric painting to name but a few of the decorative forms which our students' enjoy under the guidance of our specially trained Art and Craft teachers....... trained not merely to guide but to appreciate even the humblest of efforts!

Students attending Yoga classes


"Yoga is not just exercise and asanas."

Boys and girls at Bihani Academy are taught the powerful benefits of yoga.

Yoga is a great way to stretch and strengthen our body, focus our mind, and relax our spirit.

Students at Karate Classes

Martial - Art

All Bihani Academy girls and boys are trained in self-defense.
They make an admirable picture during their Karate classes held in our spacious school hall supervised by internationally renowned masters!
Needless to say, the kids enjoy this activity enormously and are ever ready to run up to the hall to release a bit of their vast reserves of energy!

Dance Classes at Bihani Academy

Dance - Aerobic

Unquestionably the Top Draw among students!
We at Bihani Academy are fortunate to have well known professionals and choreographers on our team of instructors. All forms of dance classes are imparted to children – classical, Indian, modern and Western.

A passion for excelling in this delightfully entertaining and healthy means of keeping fit has also encouraged our children to compose their own little dances which have brought home Prizes for our Trophy Shelf!

Sports Classes at Bihani Academy


The school has its own play field and hosts an array of facilities for both indoor and outdoor games including football, basketball, carrom, chess, table football, darts and several other games of intellectual ability. There is a large indoor hall area for recreation during adverse climate conditions and rainy season.

Besides, special coaching in Martial Arts of Karate & Judo is provided under the expert guidance of an experienced coach. There are regular competitions in which the students of the school participate alongside other schools.

Music Classes at Bihani Academy


All of us know how young children and older ones alike love music! What all of do not realize is that there is a strong correlation between early language skills and music - as a group activity, music encourages children to listen and learn words, and sing them to a rhythm. As a memory boosting exercise it cannot be praised enough! English songs, Rabindra Sangeet, Bhajans,both Eastern as well as Western music is enjoyed by our children. Specialist teachers skilled in their art, train the children initially through fun songs and jingles and then progress to a higher level of voice training.


All students are divided into one of the HOUSES to give them a sense of belonging and to cultivate a spirit of healthy competition amongst them.

Regular inter house events ensure that the excitement of House Pride, support and participation encourages every child to give of his her or his best in both scholastic as well as co - scholastic events. House points are entered after each event and the winning house is presented with the overall trophy on Annual day!


Emerald House Badge

Emeralds are the stone of intuition and foresight. It is regarded as the “Stone of Prosperity”. It represents vitality and growth. This mesmerizing stone's velvety green color is unmistakable. The rich color is renowned as a color of spring and has long been a symbol of growth and hope.

Ruby House Badge

Ruby is distinguished for its bright red color, being the most famed and fabled red gemstone. Numerous early cultures believed, because of the stone's likeness to the color of blood, that Rubies held the power of life. They're one of the most sought-after gems.

Topaz House Badge

The Egyptians called Topaz the “Gem of the Sun”. The gemstone is believed to have many qualities. It is often referred to as the “stone of fire” and is known to increase strength and intellect.

Saphhire House Badge

Sapphire is a gemstone associated with royalty. It has been used to protect against negative energies, calm the mind, strengthen intuition, and invite spiritual clarity. It is believed that Sapphire helps in channeling energies and encouraging a deeper understanding of oneself.


Co-Curriculum Activities at school


Co-Curriculum Activities at school


Co-Curriculum Activities at school


Co-Curriculum Activities at school


Co-Curriculum Activities at school


Quite the magical words among the student fraternity!
Truly, education takes on a whole new dimension with the introduction of hobby clubs in the regular school curriculum. Not only does participation inculcate a spirit of healthy competition but also offers an opportunity for members to imbibe qualities of innovation and creativity.
Every child is required to become a member of at least one hobby club from the following:-

Classes I - V

  • Quiz Club - The quiz club aims at holistic knowledge enrichment of its members through interactive sessions on a wide range of topics. It also helps to boost self-confidence among students and makes them proactive through questioning and answering.
  • Athletics Club - The athletics club aims to inculcate physical fitness among all its members through sports and games. The sessions are mostly conducted outdoors.
  • Storyteller’s Club - Students learn the art of storytelling in this club. They are also exposed to a variety of stories from different languages which help sharpen their literary skills.
  • Robotics Club - This club teaches technical skills and guides students to better use their techno kits. It gives them the chance to nurture their skills in the field of robotics.
  • Performing Arts Club - The club provides a platform to all budding musicians of the school. It is devoted to enhance the hidden talents of students. Eastern music, Western music, Guitar, Drums and Keyboard are taught here.
  • Eco Club - This club plays an important role in creating environmental awareness among the future generation. It provides a platform to acquire knowledge about environment, its related concerns and helps find its solutions. It creates powerful advocates for conservation of natural resources and limiting waste.
  • Culinary Club - The culinary club aims to encourage students to experience the joy of non-fire cooking using a range of techniques and a variety of recipes. The club also focuses on nutrition and food presentation.

Classes VI – XII

  • Photography Club - Photography is much more than just having a camera and taking pictures. Students in this club have opportunities to hone their skills by understanding and learning about what makes a good photograph, from composition to artistic expression. Students are encouraged to practice their skills while photographing school related activities and sporting events.
  • Literary Club - The Literary club is committed to tap effective communication talent among students. To develop and hone the literary skills of the students, the club inspires students to develop a taste for literature and also works in the direction of expanding their horizons of spoken and written language. Its agenda includes a variety of activities aimed at building up the confidence and grooming the talents of students in facing various interpersonal challenges and competitions.
  • Aryabhatta Science Club - Self-expression, independent research, constructive activities, etc., are some of the opportunities provided by the science clubs. Students can learn more through the activities and their own experiments and clarify general scientific concepts.
    • To promote inquisitiveness among the school students and inculcate scientific temper among them.
    • To trigger interest among the students in Science.
    • To encourage, motivate and equip the students in applications of Science and its interface with society.
  • Technovation Club - This club is formed to enhance the skill level of students other than regular curriculum and give benefits to students who want to do more with their talent in the field of computer technology & networking.
  • Athletics Club - The athletics club aims to inculcate physical fitness among all its members through sports and games. The sessions are mostly conducted outdoors.
  • Performing Arts Club - The Performing Arts Club is dedicated to providing performing arts opportunities in the fields of Eastern Music, Western Music, Drums, Guitar and Keyboard for its members. Students are guided to sharpen their skills and be able to showcase their work in a presentable manner.
  • Interact Club - Interact is a club for young people who want to join together to tackle the issues in their community that they care most about. Interact club members carry out hands-on projects, develop leadership skills, work at problem-solving and have fun in the process.


The highlight of our Co-curricular Planner is the universal appeal of the activities - selected for their rich influence upon young minds on the threshold of emerging maturity. They are carefully designed and planned to supplement the academic growth of the child.


Well known Plays in a simplified form are read out to the children during this time. They are then made to act out small portions of the given play. Children enjoy acting out scenes not only from Plays but also from lessons they might have learnt during Moral Science class.

Drama Classes


For the beginners, teachers help the child to understand the rules of debating. They are then guided into carrying out a small research of the topic given. Nothing like a good speech to boost one's confidence!

Debate Sessions


Bihani Academy kids thoroughly enjoy this wonderful form of keeping abreast of news and information! From the Daily Morning question shot during Assembly to the full-fledged Quiz, every member of the Club is kept busy with harvesting interesting material for self-education.

Quiz Competitions


Both in English as well as in the vernacular, our students are trained in the art of good elocution. Attention is paid to details such as voice modulation and pronunciation. The Pieces selected for elocution are carefully studied by the teachers for appropriateness and interest factors.

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